Payment Voucher – Know the Format & Template Download

You may get multiple forms of Payment Vouchers format and download process in Word, Excel, and PDF from this simple guide. Separate transactions in GST (Goods and Services Tax) entail the issue of different vouchers/invoices. The type of invoice issued is determined by the category of supply and products and services provided.

Payment Voucher

For all payments, every individual or corporation needs a voucher, which they get either directly or through bankers. Payment vouchers apply to any payments made as follows:

  • Direct bank payments to its commercial customers.
  • Payments by Cheque.
  • Cash payments.
  • Bank DDs and pay orders (demand draughts).
  • Third-party payments are received by a business. In this scenario, you must produce a journal voucher rather than a voucher.

Format of Payment Voucher

  • The payment voucher provides the following payment-related information.
  • The department is asking for payment.
  • Voucher Number.
  • Payee – The person or organization to whom the payment is paid.
  • Description.
  • Account code – Account code in the general ledger.
  • Money is to be paid out by line item and voucher total.
  • Cash/Check/Transfer, etc. as payment methods
  • Signature and date of the person requesting payment
  • Signature and date of the person approving the payment
payment vocuchar
Payment Voucher

Voucher Types

Even if small enterprises and organizations have a limited number of bank and cash transactions, they can record all of the following payments using a single voucher type. In major organizations and corporations, however, many cash and bank payments are made every day.

As a result, two main types of vouchers are required to record the transactions:

Bank Payments Voucher: You can utilize the bank voucher or bank payment voucher if a cash payment is made through the business organization or its bankers.

Cash Payment Voucher: The cash voucher payment type is used to make a cash payment.

Benefits of a Voucher

  • The cash payment voucher format or cash voucher format often contains the following features:
  • The payment issuing company’s logo, name, address, and phone number.
  • A payment voucher is mentioned in the heading.
  • A date box for entering the proper date of payment issuance.
  • A field for the sum of words and numbers.
  • The Mode of Payment column specifies whether the payment is in cash or through a cheque.
  • To whom are you making the payment?.
  • Payee Information.
  • Fill in the blanks with information about the transaction for which you are making a payment.
  • For payment approval, an authorized signatory must approve a payment voucher from the accounting department.
  • The sum is paid in a payment voucher by the cashier managing the transactions.
  • When the recipient acknowledges receipt of the payment, they sign in the signature area.

Sources of Vouchers

  • Cash memos.
  • Challans.
  • Receipts.
  • Staff Vouchers.

Checklist for GST Payment Voucher Format

  • The following information must be included on GST Payment Vouchers:
  • The supplier’s name, address, and GSTIN.
  • The annual year’s unique serial number (not exceeding 16 characters).
  • Date of payment voucher issuing.
  • The recipient’s name, address, and GSTIN.
  • Goods and services descriptions (on which tax is paid on the Reverse Charge mechanism).
  • Payment made to the Supplier.
  • The GST rate and the amount of tax collected under the CGST, SGST, and IGST or cess.
  • If the transaction is interstate, provide the state name and state code in the place of supply.
  • Signature/Digital Signature of the provider or the company’s authorized representative.

Tally ERP-9 and Payment Voucher Entry

  • Go to “Accounting Vouchers” from the “GATEWAY OF TALLY“.
  • F5 (or) choose Payment voucher from the page’s right.
  • Now, for Statutory Payment, press ALT+S (or) STAT Payment.
  • Choose GST as the kind of Duty/Tax. This is used to define a GST payment in Tally so that it appears on the GST return.
  • Then, choose whether you want to make payments monthly or quarterly.
  • The payment method should be “Regular“.
  • Select the relevant GST ledger for marking the Debit side (Dr) of the bank account where the GST tax due is pending and mark the Cr or Credit side of the bank account where the tax liability payment will be made.
  • Enter the bank name, account data, payment option, payment date, and so on into the voucher.

Payment Voucher Template Download

Here we have also shared a simple template in Microsoft document (MS Doc) format, you can simply download and customise it with your company details and use it as a payment voucher for registering transaction details.


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