Delivery Challan Templates in Excel and Word

The delivery challan format can be used for a wide range of uses. As a result, any company that has to send items without an invoice can do so using the delivery challan. Similarly, after receiving an acceptance receipt, the delivery challan acts as verification of items delivered to the client. As a result, even with GST, the delivery challan is required for numerous actions.

What Exactly is a Delivery Challan?

A delivery challan is a document that gives information on the items in a specific shipment. It is given when products are delivered, which may or may not result in a sale.

Types of Delivery Challan Copies

Original Copy: It is created when products are shipped out for job work or when an invoice is issued to the transporters.

Duplicate Copy: Specifically for the recording of goods that arrive after raw materials have been sent out and we now have to record back indicating “sent things have arrived now”.

Format of a Delivery Challan in word

  • The delivery challan’s date and serial number.
  • Company Name, Address, and GSTN number with clearly defined contact details.
  • Subcontractor’s name, address, and GSTIN.
  • If applicable, HSN code for products and SAC code for services.
  • Product description.
  • The number of items provided.
  • The taxable value of the supply and the GST tax rate is used.
  • If applicable, transportation fees
  • In the situation of interstate commerce, the location of supply.

GST Delivery Challan Excel Template Contents

The Delivery Challan Excel Template includes five sections:

  • Header Category.
  • Section for Consignee Information.
  • A section on Product Specifications.
  • Sign and Comment Section.

Excel Delivery Challan Format

  • Supply of goods on an approval basis.
  • Goods delivered for job activity, for further processing.
  • Inter-company or reduced transfer.
  • Semi-finished items are transferred from one department to another.

Other Reasons to Issue a Delivery Challan

  • Goods transportation for employment work.
  • Goods are carried where the amount is unknown at the time of removal.
  • Sending items outside of India for display purposes does not constitute a supply or export.
  • At the time of removal, a tax invoice could not be produced.
  • Goods are provided on an approved basis.
  • When an e-way bill is not required.

When Should a Delivery be issued Challan?

You’re probably having trouble coming up with a response to this question. The following are the conditions that require you to issue a challan:

  • When you need to know the number of items at the moment of dispatch.
  • When the supplier’s firm location is unknown to the recipient of products.
  • When carrying items for employment purposes.
  • You can issue a delivery challan in any of these situations.

Delivery Challan Templates Download in Excel and Word

Delivery Challan Templates

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